Download Spider Man mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.71
Authors: Keyyard, GeekMC.

Download Spider Man mods for Minecraft PE and feel what it is like to be an ordinary teenager with unusual abilities and superhero work.

What is the Spider Man mod about?

We are glad to present you as many as three add-ons that will add the very real Spiderman from the Marvel universe to Minecraft PE.

Now users will be able to wear a a global hero costume , both in the MCU and in reality.

This can be judged even from the fact that it is everywhere, now in Minecraft PE.

FACT: All three expansions are based on different versions of the comic book adaptation.


Finally, enthusiasts were able to port this mod from the PC version to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Now the player has the opportunity to himself create a fully working Spiderman suit .

All the recipes you may need can be found right in the game, without having to search for recipes.

After creating it, as well as all the additional elements, you can easily do the most incredible things in Minecraft Pocket Edition:

  • throw a web to slow down or even stop the enemy;
  • jump high, flying to great heights.


Unusual add-on on the Spiderman theme for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which will bring in whole three types of shooters .

These are small hand-held devices that allow you to use the web.

Now, thanks to the modification, Minecraft Bedrock Edition users can:

  • move along the walls of buildings;
  • leave a spider web trail that will slow down enemies;
  • Deal damage.

TIP: You can slow down the mob with a web, and then finish off with melee weapons.

Spider and Company

The latest addition in our collection of modifications for Minecraft Bedrock Edishn. Thanks to this, the following will be added:

  • Spiderman costume;
  • Sinister Six members:
    • Rhinoceros;
    • Doctor Octopus;
    • Sandman;
    • Hawk;
    • Venom;
    • Carnage;
    • Lizard;
    • Symbiote;
    • Green Goblin.

Players can now put on a superhero costume and start a battle for justice right in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Spider Man

The Spider Man mod adds 8 versions of Spider-Man to Minecraft PE. Four of which are associated with the MCU actor Tom Holland. Peter Parker has 100 health and 8 damage.

In addition to the famous comic book hero, also includes his enemies . These include the Green Goblin, Morbius, Scorpio, Mysterio and other villains.


  • How do I install the .mcpack / .mcaddon file?

    Just upload the file, tap on it and select Minecraft. That's it, the file will be automatically imported.
  • What kind of Spider-Man does this addon add for Minecraft PE?

    All three modifications will allow the player to enjoy all the possible options for Spiderman in the Marvel Universe.