Download the Bridges mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download Bridges mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to use useful tools for quick construction or surprise for friends.

Best Bridge Mods for Minecraft PE

Thanks to the efforts of the developers, there are many different construction methods in Minecraft PE. It also led to the creation of mini-games where you need to quickly build bridges: sky wars, bad wars and others.

Some mod creators decided to improve the position of the players, and therefore add-ons were developed to help in the construction.

Light bridge

A small mod for bridges that will allow you to create light transitions in Minecraft PE.

There is no limit on the size of the bridge. Nevertheless, you should not neglect safety measures and do not install receiving panels. Otherwise, the game can simply crash and break the world .

Egg Bridge

Quite an interesting bridge mod that will definitely surprise your friends and enemies .

The essence of the addition is that throwing an ordinary chicken egg into Minecraft PE will create a bridge just along the trajectory of the projectile.

Just keep in mind that for the add-on to work, you must use the command block repeater . It will use the / function Egg command every tick.

Wooden bridge

An unremarkable addon that will allow you to build real bridges right in Minecraft PE. To do this, just use a simple recipe of 6 blocks of raw wood and 3 blocks of planks.

Please note that the mod allows you to use any type of available tree.

Rope transition

A beautiful mod for bridges for Minecraft PE, which will allow you to create useful transitions over an abyss or river.

It takes quite a lot of wood to craft such a bridge , but after that you can have the shortest yet beautifully designed overhead passage.


  • What are the limiting panels from the light bridge for in Minecraft PE?

    They are needed to restrict the script, otherwise your world can simply break down.
  • How can you craft a bridge in survival?

    This will require using quite a lot of treated and untreated wood.
  • How do I turn the bridge the other way?

    To do this, approach him, sit down and press.