Download Minecraft PE 1.4.1

Version 1.4.1 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft 1.4.1 for Android with a working Xbox Live and check out the new features of the underwater world!

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.4.1?

This time, the developers pleased the players with a global update of aquatic flora and fauna . You may come across various fish, dolphins or even a sunken ship.

Seabed dwellers

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4.1 introduces new creatures: dolphins, tropical fish, salmon and blowfish. Dolphins are friendly creatures and, unlike fish, cannot stay in the water for long.


They need periodic oxygen renewal. They like to swim after the player and bounce around. And the best part is the ability to tie dolphins! Thus, you can drag him to your pool, which he will decorate with his acrobatic jumps.

Although dolphins are friendly creatures, they can attack in a flock if you attack them.

Other fish species

Tropical fish and salmon Minecraft PE 1.4.1 can be caught and fried in the oven, making yourself delicious food.

Worth noting: Salmon keeps you fuller longer than regular fish.

Also a new inhabitant of the body of water is Blowfish , which will inflate as you approach it.


The uniformity of vegetation, or rather, its almost complete absence, bored the players. In Minecraft PE 1.4.1, this was taken into account: corals, kelp, a sunken ship were added. By the way, in the latter you can find a chest with a treasure map .

Items and blocks

In Minecraft PE 1.4.1, the developers added a new weapon – trident . Its damage is 8 units (4 hearts), making it the most powerful weapon in the game . In addition, a treasure map has also been added – a real happiness for travelers.

The pumpkin now appears naturally without a face. You can cut out the face with scissors.


  • Can you catch salmon or tropical fish?

    You can. Both with a fishing rod and with a bucket.
  • How to breed fish in Minecraft PE 1.4.1?

    You need to catch the fish necessary for breeding in a bucket and release it in your pool.
  • How to pick up the discarded trident?

    You just need to go to it, and it will automatically go to your inventory.