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Minecraft PE – What’s New?

In this update, the developers have paid great attention to various changes. Most of them in Minecraft touched exactly mountain goats. For example, the babies of these creatures are now thrown back to a smaller distance.

Mountain Goat

This mob is the king of the mountains in Minecraft PE Here he feels at home and does not like intruders. Therefore, the user should henceforth stay with caution in these areas. After all, now it can be butted at any moment and thrown back at a certain distance by a mountain goat .

However, the player has the ability to breed these creatures. In this case, only one cub may appear. Previously, it could appear from three to eight. Also, the user can tie mountain goats. To do this, you need to use a leash.

New snow

When surviving, you can often stumble upon a biome that is completely covered with snow and ice. These two blocks could be traversed without any difficulty. But with the advent of loose snow in Minecraft, now you need to be more careful here.

This new block is not much different in texture from regular snow. But at the same time, you can fall into it. After that, the user’s movement slows down. Also, a snow fog begins to render around the player.


In Minecraft PE, you can now customize any game sounds individually. To do this, you just need to go to the main menu, and then open the Sound tab. Here the user will see ten different options.

This includes the sounds of the environment, various blocks, peaceful creatures, the player, and more. When you change each option, the corresponding sound is played.


  • How to breed mountain goats in Minecraft PE

    With the help of wheat.
  • Is it possible to milk mountain goats?

    Yes, but you can get milk from them.
  • How many lives do mountain goats have?

    Only 5 hearts.