Download door mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download door mod for Minecraft PE : protect your home from intruders using new blocks.

The best door mods for Minecraft PE

In Minecraft PE, players have a fairly wide variety of building doors . However, even this amount may not be enough for some fastidious users.

Fortunately, the mod developers were able to solve this problem with various add-ons. These developments will add a huge variety of doors to the game.

New doors

The presented mod brings to Minecraft PE more than fifteen new doors . They differ from each other only in appearance. However, the developer went to great lengths to create the textures for these decorative blocks.

Doors from the following materials will be available to game users:

  • quartz;
  • diamonds;
  • hell stone;
  • glass and gold;
  • sandstone;
  • iron fence;
  • diamonds and glass.

Moreover, laboratory and Japanese door variations have been added to Minecraft PE. Everyone will be able to find a suitable block for their home.


This mod also replaces the standard Minecraft PE door textures. This addition differs in that the appearance of all doors will be camouflage . This feature is suitable for secret bases or hidden warehouses with resources.

From now on, the doors of the game will mimic the image of the most common blocks, namely:

  • iron – andesite;
  • oak – earth;
  • acacia – stone;
  • birch – cobblestone.


In turn, this mod for Minecraft PE is more advanced. After all, the modification adds a set of secret doors , which will not replace ordinary ones. With the help of new entrance groups, you can easily hide what outsiders should not see.

Important: The textures of previously unseen doors will merge with the surrounding blocks.

Thanks to the presented mod, doors from the following materials appeared in Minecraft PE:

  • land;
  • sand;
  • cobblestone;
  • andesite;
  • stone;
  • granite.

By the way, all of them work like the most common types of doors Minecraft PE. For this reason, it is quite easy to make a secret dwelling or hiding place using these blocks.


  • Doors from what materials add mods for Minecraft PE?

    They bring doors made of stone, cobblestone, sand, and many other materials to the game.
  • What can you use for secret doors?

    With the help of such doors, you can hide any building from prying eyes.
  • How many door variations are waiting for Minecraft PE users?

    Several dozen new doors await them.