Download dragon mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download Dragon Mods for Minecraft PE and feel truly powerful fighting them!

Top Dragon Mods

As you know, there is only one dragon in Minecraft PE. And he lives only in the Land, where it is difficult to get an honest way, and it is even more difficult to survive. In this case, saddle this creature will not work. These mods will add different dragons to play . Among them will be both tame and hostile.

Dragon Mount PE

This add-on contains as many as 7 dragons for Minecraft PE. Each of them appears in different ways, but they all have the same beginning – an egg. It will be possible to build it using golden apples, obsidian and just an egg. After the player places the received item on the ground, he must click on it with a specific item. After that the corresponding dragon will hatch .

Item name Diamond Sapling Water Bucket Obsidian Pen Ifrit rod Mossy cobblestone
Dragon Diamond Jungle Dragon Oceanic Ender Celestial Fiery Anfisbaena


After the dragon appears, must be fed . And this will have to be done from the same object with which he appeared. After the player feeds him enough, he will be able to fly it .

Controlled by rotating the camera.


When installing this addon, the player will notice various dragons in Minecraft PE. Unlike the previous mod, in this one they are evil . After killing, they drop an egg that can be used to raise your own pet.

FACT: Hatching takes about 2 minutes in real time.

After hatching, you can fly the dragon. It is also worth noting that you can put a chest on this mob . This will allow you to move things over long distances.

Don’t underestimate evil dragons as they have 100-150 health.

Reign of Dragons

The Reign of Dragons mod adds dragons from the famous TV series Game of Thrones to Minecraft PE. The add-on brings their eggs and heads to the game, as well as equipment made of scales and Valyrian steel. Also in the ordinary world, you can find the nests of powerful lizards.

The addon implements two types of dragons – fire and ice , which are further subdivided into 4 subtypes. In addition, each creature has several stages of growth.


  • I can't hit dragons in DragonCraft mod. What to do?

    Due to their peculiarity in the texture, damage to them only takes place if you hit them on the legs.
  • How to train a dragon in DragonCraft?

    This must be done with rotten flesh.
  • What happens if you hit a dragon in Dragon Mount PE?

    Nothing. Your pet will just take the damage.