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Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and learn about the new multifunctional block that will help you in everything!

What’s new in Minecraft PE Buzzy Bees?

The developers present Minecraft Bedrock version, which is completely stable. Working Xbox Live, correct display of skins and improved bee behavior awaits you in the new version.

Buzzing Bees

Finally, Minecraft Pocket Edition has moved to a new level, thanks to new mobs that have modern scripts of behavior . Buzzing Bees are the only mobs in the game that have more than 10 behaviors . They live near a flower meadow and their job is to pollinate flowers and create honey.

FACT: Bee pollination works like bone meal (plant growth rate increases).

Bees pollinate:

  • wheat;
  • potatoes;
  • carrots;
  • beets;
  • watermelon;
  • pumpkin;
  • hellish wart;
  • berry bushes;
  • flowers (all kinds).

If bees are provoked, they will swarm, giving the player a poisonous effect. Bees will attack in case of threat to hives and swarms. If you piss them off, their eyes turn red. When attacked, they lose their sting.

Cell Blocks

New blocks are crafted from 4 cells, which are stored in the hives. Cell blocks in Minecraft are completely decorative and there is no way to store honey in them. There is a chance that the Mojang developers will add such a feature, but most likely it will happen in the new update branch .

Honey Blocks

New blocks that will be useful in all cases in Minecraft PE Honey Blocks can be used in combination with pistons due to their sticky properties. The damage when falling on these blocks is reduced to 80% , and they can also slow down any entity that walks over them.

Wild Hive

Wild hives are an integral part of the stable behavior of buzzing bees in Minecraft PE In them, bees store honey and hide in case of rain. They appear next to a flower meadow.

FACT: Every tree has a 5% chance of spawning wild hives.

When trying to break the hive, the bees will swarm the one who dares to disturb their peace. In order to avoid problems, you need to use scissors or a silk-touch weapon. With this method, the swarm will not attack the player and the honey inside will be saved.

Homemade Hives

For easy study of new mobs and for quick collection of honey, homemade hives have been added to Minecraft By their properties, they are completely similar to wild ones. To collect honey, you need the hive to be 3 levels.

Remember: To craft a homemade hive, get 6 planks and 3 honeycombs.

Skin Editor

The skin editor provides the player with the ability to edit all parts of the skin.

Important: The player can only edit classic skins (Steve and Alex).

The editor allows you to change limbs, resize, recolor hair and eyes, add a beard and clothes. A wide variety will help you change the original skins beyond recognition!

Changes in Minecraft

For the full functionality of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition branch, key changes were made that removed defects that interfere with the gameplay.


  • The Bee Behavior Script has been reworked due to a problem with the response of adults. When trying to attack a small bee, the adult bees did not react in any way. In Minecraft, adults will instantly go into aggressive mode if entities try to damage small bees.
  • Fixed messy regeneration of aggressive mobs in the world. Now mob spawning is more advanced.

Account Login

Owners of Android devices in Minecraft PE will be able to all the features of Xbox Live without errors and problems, thanks to the fixed bugs. Also, for those who play on PlayStation4, the problem with logging into a Microsoft account has been fixed.

Skin Editor

The display of the edited parts of classic skins is now correct. Players will be able to fully edit skins and enjoy all the features thanks to the convenient navigation through the interface.

Minor changes in

  1. error while entering commands has been finally fixed;
  2. fewer crashes;
  3. parrots have learned to sit on their shoulders correctly;
  4. nest and hive textures have been slightly changed.


  • What have been added to Minecraft

    Optimized the game, there are fewer crashes and parrots now sit on their shoulders correctly.
  • What is the name of the update with the bees?

    Buzzy Bees, which translates as Buzzing Bees.
  • Will I be able to play on servers?

    Yes, a file with a working Xbox Live.