Download textures for RTX on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.16.0 - 1.20.71

Download RTX textures for Minecraft PE: huge sets that introduce realistic resource sets and light reflections into the game.

What are RTX textures for in Minecraft PE?

In 2020, Minecraft PE developers from Mojang Studios, together with NVIDIA, presented to the world a new game engine that supports ray tracing technology.

Thanks to the RedDragon engine, the game finally has the ability to use RTX. However, not all devices will be able to “pull” this. To be more precise, no mobile device can do this.

However, the texture makers did not disappoint players with the lack of new kits.

There are now many RTX resource packs available to download that will transform the Minecraft PE world into a world of realism, but will not require powerful hardware to do so.


One of the oldest sets of textures on RTX among all those released for Minecraft PE.

Its main feature is that the ray tracing function can be activated at any time and vice versa. That being said, in both cases, Minecraft PE will look beautiful.

To do this, the player under the nickname ZouChenyunfei had to first develop common resource kits for several years, and only then connect the new technology.


Another fairly old set of RTX textures that were developed by wallace71dnk to create his kingdom.

However, over time, textures began to be used in many situations, and not at all related to the Middle Ages.

The set consists of several versions, each of which has its own resolution in Minecraft PE, from 32×32 to 512×512.


  • How do textures introduce new technologies to Minecraft PE?

    If you are playing on a computer with an RTX series graphics card, then you will be able to use this technology.
  • How does RTX work in Minecraft PE?

    Each frame the graphics card simulates rays that are reflected, refracted and hit the player's camera.
  • What can RTX texture packs be used for?

    They can be used to create your own colorful kingdom, or just for survival.