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Download full beta version of Minecraft Cave and Cliff with working Xbox Live and start your survival in the new biome with goats and loose snow!
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Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs

The first beta of Minecraft PE of the Caves and Rocks update has been released, in which goats and powder snow have appeared. Goats are new animals that roam in the Extreme Hills biome.

Powder Snow

Powdered snow in Minecraft can be obtained in the creative inventory , it slows down players and mobs. Leather boots can be used to move faster.

If the player does not have time to get out of the powder snow, he will fall into it. This block almost completely removes fall damage, and the goats bypass it.

Mountain goats

Mountain goats in Minecraft PE can move along the rocks, jump on them, and when they fall from a height, they can hardly receive damage. Sometimes goats are able to aggro at the player and push him, they also butt trees, because of which they can lose their horns.

In order to play the update on the new version of Minecraft PE, you need to enable the experimental game mode “Caves & Cliffs”.

Crimson Forest

One of the new locations in Minecraft is the crimson forest . As the name suggests, everything here is in red. This biome has an interesting atmosphere. It is also great for Nether survival.


With the advent of the crimson forest, its inhabitants appeared in Minecraft piglins and hoglins . Both are aggressive towards both the player and each other.

Therefore, the user can often witness the fight between piglins and hoglins. Moreover, these creatures have their own weaknesses. For example, the hoglin is very afraid of twisted mushrooms.

Piglins can trade with the player using gold bars as currency.


In addition to biomes, Minecraft PE also contains new structures: the remains of the bastion and the destroyed portal .

Remains of the bastion

This structure is generated only in the Lower World of Minecraft and has a rather impressive size. The remains of the bastion are composed of numerous rooms. These rooms contain chests with various valuable items. But they are protected by brutal piglins .

Fact: Only in the remains of the bastion can you find the Pigstep music CD.

Ruined Portal

Unlike the remains of the bastion, the destroyed portal can also be generated in the ordinary world in Minecraft It is a small building.

Hell stones, magma blocks, carved stone bricks can be seen around. There is also always a chest with things.

The Shattered Portal is the only place in the game to naturally generate Weeping Obsidian.

Brutal piglin

This mob mainly lives in the remains of the bastion in Minecraft PE Its main task is to guarding the chests in this building .

Brutal piglins have much more lives than ordinary piglins and are not distracted by gold. They also have the most lives of any in the Hellish Dimension.


  • Is it possible to play Minecraft PE mountain update with goats and powder snow?

    Yes, you need to turn on the experimental mode for this.
  • What happens if you don't get out of the powder snow?

    The player will fail.
  • Can goats lose their horns?

    Yes, they can!