Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Wild Update

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and explore the updated, glowing Aley, which can now be duplicated.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The developers of the famous studio Mojang continue to release new versions of everyone’s favorite game. This time in the new Minecraft, Aley and mangroves have been updated.

Also added a new team and fixed some bugs. The version turned out to be rich and, as always, very interesting.


With the release of the new Minecraft PE, your game will have an updated Aley. Now this mob will look even more fabulous and magical. After all, Elei began to glow in the dark like other mobs. It looks very atmospheric. Players will also be able to duplicate it. Reloading a duplicate takes 5 minutes.

New command

Most players have been waiting for this team for a very long time. Now Minecraft has the ability to easily navigate the world. You no longer need to run around and look for the location you are interested in.

Just open the in-game chat and enter the new /locate command. Next, select the desired biome and go there. Forget the seats. Now everything can be done without leaving your own survival world.

Mangrove swamps

With the release of Minecraft PE, players will notice that the mangrove swamps have become much thicker. This is noticeable both from a bird’s eye view and from below. A huge abundance of trees and other vegetation will make the biome more realistic and wild.

Dark effect

Another innovation in Minecraft was that the effect of darkness began to spread in all cubic dimensions. Now players will not be able to get rid of this effect by going to the nether or ender world.

He will follow you everywhere, which makes survival difficult. The only way to get rid of the effect of darkness is to drink milk.