Minecraft PE 1.21.0

Version 1.21.0 for Android
Tricky Trials Update

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.21.0 apk with Xbox Live support: make discoveries in Tricky Trials, travel through dangerous territories using copper bulbs, and meet Breeze!

Minecraft PE 1.21.0 Release Tricky Trials

All users of the block space, without exception, can turn their travels around the world of Minecraft 1.21.0 into incredible adventures. The fact is that, according to the already-established tradition. Every autumn the developers of Mojang Studios present a new branch of updates to the gaming community.

They are preparing for it very thoroughly and with great enthusiasm, so this event is key for every player. Of course, Mob Vote 2023 was no exception, it has something to pay attention to.

Trial Chambers

Another discovery that users could not even dream of was in Minecraft PE 1.21.0 Trial Chambers. These rooms will be generated randomly. It is impossible to predict what they will be in advance, it is always a surprise.

The Mojang team recommends going on a dangerous underground adventure in multiplayer mode.


Two new mobs have appeared in Minecraft 1.21.0 and each of them is unique. One of the bottom players will have to fight in underground caves, and the other will help craft a new armor.


Minecraft PE 1.21.0 players can meet an extremely dangerous enemy Breeze in Trial Chamber corridors, who will certainly attack the players, so it is better not to go there alone, but to grab friends.

Blocks and Items

The developers have supplemented the underground structures with new blocks and objects. Minecraft PE 1.21.0 players can use them to spawn mobs, create items, and some for decoration.


For fans of creating unusual items and using Redstone at the same time, Crafter appears in Minecraft 1.21.0 Release. This device looks like a cage or spawner mob and is used to automate the process of creating items.

Trial Spawner

The new type of spawner allows players to get a unique experience in MCPE 1.21.0: mobs begin to appear when characters come close to the trial spawner, and their number may be greater if there are a lot of players.

Copper Bulb

Beautiful copper blocks can be generated in Trial Chambers and illuminate the path of Minecraft PE 1.21.0 players. Their peculiarity is that gradually the light goes out since copper can be oxidized.

Ominous Items and Blocks

In the Trial Chamber, players are waiting for very dangerous blocks that will appear if the player drinks the contents of the Ominous Bottle. It is in this case that in Minecraft PE 1.21.0, the Trial Omen effect will be applied to the hero and more difficult adventures will await him.

Therefore, the heroes should prepare well before they go on this journey.


  • Where in Minecraft PE 1.21.0 can you meet Breeze?

    In Trial Chambers.
  • Which mob drops its armor in MCPE 1.21.0?

  • What is Crafter for?

    To automate the process of creating things.