Download Minecraft PE 0.15.1

Version 0.15.1 for Андроид
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Download Minecraft 0.15.1 for android : play with the mechanics of riding animals, pistons, observer, generation of new villages, achievements and new items.

Changes in Minecraft update 0.15.1

The new Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.1 update from the Mojang development team was not long in coming. And now we can finally enjoy even more changes in the game . We think that the addition of the Ender Dragon to the game is not far off.

Animal riding

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the game now has the opportunity to ride not only on minecarts, but also on four-legged mobs .

These are:

  • horses;
  • skeletal horses;
  • donkeys;
  • mules;
  • pigs.

In order to control the direction of movement of the pig, you must always hold the rod with carrots in front of you. Otherwise, the pig will go in its own direction.

To saddle a horse, we advise you to first feed it some apples , and then try to climb on it until you succeed. After good luck put on the saddle right away and you are ready to travel across the endless expanses of the world Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.1.

IMPORTANT: You cannot wear armor on a donkey and a mule, but this makes it possible to attach a chest to them to transport goods.

In order to get a mule, you need to cross a regular horse and a donkey using a golden apple or carrot. You can also use a spawn egg.


The developers from Mojang did not forget about their promise to add such long-awaited mechanisms to the game. In the last update Minecraft 0.14.0 most of them were added, however, only absolutely all the elements appeared in this update.


Let’s start with the pistons, because they are what increases the complexity and interest of creating new buildings many hundreds of times. Now mapmakers will be able to create full-fledged smart homes right in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.1.

Interesting detail: in Pocket Edition, the developers made the first half of the piston arm thicker than the other.


New block for the whole Minecraft world . On one side is a small hole that outputs the signal . On the second side, there is a large sensor, which will be used to operate the entire block .

In Minecraft PE 0.15.1, the texture of the sensor differs from the PC version, where there is something like a face in this place.

What is it used for? Everything is very simple. You need, for example, to see that the player opened the door or broke (installed) the block. You set up a watcher and can easily track this .


Finally, despite the fact that in the last update we added achievements , we added the same Achievements for Android and iOS editions </ span>. To access them you need to have an Xbox Live account, which, if anything, you can create right in the game .


Of course, such a global update could not do without new structures, the bulk of which are new villages .


There are more such structures in the game. Now the player has access to the whole three villages are large e, and they all differ both from each other and from everything that was in the game before.

Title Description
Savanna A typical savannah village, the main difference being the use of an acacia tree instead of the usual .
Taiga A common tundra village, the main difference being the use of dark oak instead of the usual .
Infected Any village can be such in Minecraft PE 0.15.1. It differs in that the building structure contains mossy floor and wall blocks , but no doors and torches. And, of course, only zombie inhabitants live in such a village.

Jungle Temple

A huge temple, which is often found deep in the jungle. It’s full of dangerous traps and riddles , so be very careful.

First of all, you will be greeted by a stretch, which should be neutralized with scissors.

IMPORTANT: you can only use scissors, otherwise arrows will fly at you.

Then you can safely go and take your prize for ingenuity from the chest. However, that’s not all, you can also solve the combination lock puzzle and access another chest.


The Minecraft PE 0.15.1 update was not without the introduction of new items into the gameplay:

  • new types of arrows have appeared that carry any of the enchantments on themselves (created in the cauldron);
  • the tag that was previously renamed on the anvil allows you to name any mob ;
  • a leash will keep your pets from escaping and also allow you to take them anywhere with you;
  • horse armor will serve as excellent protection for all those players who are used to fighting alongside their trusty mount.


  • How to solve the password in the temple in Minecraft PE 0.15.1?

    Use the combination 3-1-1-3, where the countdown comes from the entrance. After that, you should access the chest.
  • Why can you only cut a stretch with scissors?

    Because otherwise the trap will immediately work.
  • What is the difference between the observer in Pocket Edition and the PC version?

    In Minecraft PE 0.15.1, the texture of the sensor differs from the PC version, where there is something similar on the face in this place.