Download mod for a girl on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.0.0 - 1.20.71
Author: Fallen Gotham

Download girl mod for Minecraft PE and meet new women who can become a good wife!

Girl Mod for Minecraft Bedrock – What are the benefits?

Long solitary survival in Minecraft PE can get tiring over time. Or, many players are familiar with the situation when there is a critical lack of space in the inventory. This add-on will solve all these problems by adding girls to the game .

How to use?

After installing this mod, the player may not notice any special changes until he comes to the village in Minecraft PE. After all, it is here that he will be able to notice not habitual inhabitants, but beautiful girls . Each girl will have a different look.


Girls in Minecraft PE are very fond of a diamond ring , which replaces diamonds. They are ready to get married if they are offered this jewel. After marriage, a girlfriend or current wife will follow Steve everywhere . And some may be even more useful than others, because they can be stolen from them.

The wife is also always ready to store things, since she has 27 places to do so.

Several wives

A permanent wife in Minecraft PE can get bored over time, but this is not a reason to get divorced. If desired, you can have several wives at once by also offering them a diamond ring. But you should be prepared for the fact that the player will be constantly surrounded by numerous wives.

FACT: The spouses will literally be always there. Even if they go far, they can teleport .


If for any reason there is a need to get a divorce in Minecraft PE, then this can always be done quickly. But for this you will have to fork out a little, since this procedure can be will be done, giving the emerald .

Shoulder Riding

Another strange, but rather interesting opportunity is added by this mod for a girl. If the player is tired, then he can always climb on the shoulders of his wife . But happiness will not last long, because she will not move a single step.


This mod adds four types of girls to Minecraft PE. Each of the species lives in the biomes of the normal world. You can tame a woman with a ring, which consists of 3 bars of gold and a diamond.

The add-on only works with experimental modding enabled.

The girlfriend will protect the player from aggressive mobs. Give her a diamond sword to increase her attack power.


  • I am playing on version 0.14.0, how can I install the mod on a girl?

    Unfortunately, this add-on works only with version 1.0.0, which you can download on our website.
  • How to give things to your wife?

    After marriage, you need to approach her with a ring, after which the "Open" button will appear.
  • And if I give the things to the girl, they will not be lost if she dies?

    In this addon they are immortal, so you can share things with confidence.