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Download Village Mod with NPCs for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.8.0 - 1.20.71

Download Village mod with NPCs for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to use many helpers to simplify your survival.

The best village mods with NPCs for Minecraft PE

Various teams of modders offer players the opportunity to walk through the Minecraft PE world, inhabited not only by friendly animals and hostile monsters.

Thanks to their efforts, minecrafters can enjoy interacting with NPCs in the villages of the game world.


A small modification that adds characters from the popular computer game Undertale to the villages of the Minecraft PE world.

Characters from the village mod with NPCs have different sets of characteristics such as health and damage.

You can tame mobs from the addon using an iron ingot, which you need to give to them.

It is also worth noting that along with friendly NPCs, hostile ones will appear in Minecraft PE. One of them will even become a new boss .


A global mod for a Village with an NPC, which will also add a lot in addition to its main content. The author tried to add to Minecraft PE the maximum number of items from the anime series Naruto .

Players will have access to various ingots, dozens of techniques, and many opponents.

Remarkable : The mod is aimed at survival, which means it will not replace any mobs from vanilla Minecraft PE.


A small addon that will be very useful for map makers in Minecraft PE. The main feature of the mod for villages with NPCs is that the player himself will choose where to put the character.

The author added over 93 skins to change the appearance of NPCs in Minecraft PE.

In order to summon NPCs, you must use either a special command like / summon npc: npc_humans , or the eggs of the summon.


  • Where can I find NPCs in Minecraft PE?

    Some of them can be summoned using eggs, and some will walk around the villages.
  • How can you befriend the Undertail NPC?

    To do this, use the iron ingot and give it to the character.
  • How can I change the skin of the NPC?

    As soon as you generate an NPC in your world, a customization menu will appear.