Download modern city map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download Modern City Map for Minecraft PE : immerse yourself in an insanely realistic and beautiful metropolis in a cubic world!

The best modern city maps for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE brings more and more construction tools with each new update. This is a limitless world, and new blocks and items.

Using these tools, you can build absolutely everything in Minecraft PE, from a medieval village to a modern city.

It is these cards that are in demand and popularity among players. The thing is that such locations have their own charm in the form of a unique design for each building, elaborate interior, metro or train network.


The modern city of Pinnacle is a small metropolis built in the old world of Minecraft PE.

Despite being limited to 256×256, the creator under the nickname AncientMariner has managed to bring what is expected of the city into the game. There are skyscrapers, cozy neighborhoods with smaller houses, a beach and even a football stadium.

The modern city is planned so that from any point you can get anywhere. In this he is assisted by a network of roads on which you can move both independently and using a car.

Many houses are designed not to take up too much space, but still show different styles of construction in Minecraft PE.


A small modern city built in the dimensions of the old Minecraft PE world. Several skyscrapers, bridges and roads leading to the city center can be found on the map.

Also remember that you can use the “Make Infinite!” This will make your world endless, giving you the opportunity to continue building.

It’s not exactly the grandest modern Minecraft PE city you’ve ever encountered, but it’s definitely a cozy place to survive.


  • What can be found on a modern city map?

    There are many skyscrapers, smart interiors, a hockey arena and much more!
  • Are the buildings connected by roads?

    Yes, there is a convenient multi-level road network between the houses on the map.
  • Do these cities have a real analogue?

    No, these cities exist only in the Minecraft world, but some of the buildings are copies of real buildings.