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Download IndustrialCraft mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download the IndustrialCraft mod for Minecraft PE and develop your industry right in the game!

IndustrialCraft Mod for MCPE

This is a well-known addon for Minecraft that adds industry. There are new devices, different types of energy. The add-on gives the player a large number of new features .

The mod was imported from the PC version and is now available for MCPE players.

InnerCore is required for the mod to work.


First of all, you should pay attention to new ores in Minecraft PE. There are 5 of them: copper, tin, lead, uranium and iridium. Each of them is generated in the bowels of the earth and is subject to melting in order to obtain material.

Hevea tree

One of the main components of this add-on. Hevea tree can be used to obtain latex in Minecraft PE, which is an ingredient in many craft projects.

And you can get this material by tapping faucet on latex drip.

Crafting a faucet requires five oak planks.


With this mod, the player will have the ability to fly without cheating in Minecraft PE. But this is quite an expensive endeavor, since crafting a satchel is not cheap. Plus, it needs to be constantly charged.

Night vision device

Another interesting device in Minecraft PE. A night vision device allows you to see at night . But it is worth considering that over time, this device is discharged.

After the player puts on this device, an eye will appear on the right side of the screen. This will mean that everything is working and the player can see in the dark.


This is what many people love IndustrialCraft for. The user can build different mechanisms in Minecraft PE. Its capabilities are quite large: from geothermal stations to drilling rigs .

The player should definitely explore this mod on their own, as it completely transforms the game.

Industrial Craft

This version of the Industrial Craft mod features support for new versions of Minecraft PE. The add-on includes seven types of autocrafters that can be created in survival. The presented blocks differ in the speed of making items.

Important: Experimental modding needs to be activated when creating a map.

Obsidian IndustrialCraft has the fastest working speed. On the contrary, the lowest is found in the wooden autocrafter.


  • What version is required for InnerCore to work?

    Any version of Minecraft PE will do.
  • How to install the mod?

    You need to move the contents of the archive to the path games / com.mojang / mods. If there is no mods folder, then you should create it.
  • How to install InnerCore?

    InnerCore can be downloaded and installed for free from PlayMarket.