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Minecraft PE – What’s new in the game?

The next Minecraft update brings some interesting innovations to the game. For example, you can now encounter a mountain goat during survival. Also, the developers from Mojang Studios have done a lot of work on various flaws.

Mountain Goat

A new mob in Minecraft PE, which can be found exclusively in mountain biomes. The mountain goat itself is a neutral creature. However, the player should be careful, because this mob can butt both the user and another mob at any time.

In this case, the player is thrown back a few blocks, which can lead to a fall from the mountain. It is worth noting that the mountain goat has a unique attack animation. First, the warm-up animation plays, after which this mob starts to run towards its target.

A mountain goat can be tied with a rope and led.

Goat’s horn

With the advent of the mountain goat in Minecraft, the user can also get goat horn . This item does not have any functionality. With its help, you can only make a sound that is played when robbers raid the village.

Tip: To use the goat horn, you need to pick it up and hold the cursor over an empty spot on the screen.

Loose snow

From now on, there is a new threat in the snow biomes in Minecraft PE After all, now the player can fall into loose snow at any time . This block is only slightly different in texture from ordinary snow, so it is very difficult to recognize it.

When falling into loose snow, the user’s movement slows down. In addition, he should try to get out of here as soon as possible, because soon the freezing effect will begin. This effect periodically inflicts damage to the player. Also, the view is narrowed due to the emerging fog.


In Minecraft, the user now has the ability to customize all game sounds separately. This was previously only available in the Java Edition. There are ten different options in total.

This includes ambient sounds, peaceful mobs, blocks, hostile creatures, the player, and general volume . When you change each option, the corresponding sound is played.


  • How to get goat horn in Minecraft PE

    It is necessary for an aggressive mountain goat to collide with a solid block while running.
  • Is it possible to breed a mountain goat?

    Yes, this requires wheat.
  • How many babies are born when mountain goats breed?

    Just one.