Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft PE on Android with a working Xbox Live: make friends with improved Elley, find useful blocks and use spectator mode.

What’s new in Minecraft

Minecraft PE from the developers of the Mojang studio offers users improved mobs. For example, flying Elley will now be less likely to stop in incomplete blocks, and will also collect items while on board the boat.

Players in spectator mode are no longer affected by portals and their headgear is translucent.


A kind flying character named Elley can collect necessary items for Steve. The authors of the game have finalized it, so that in Minecraft it helps even the player on the boat.

The rest of the mobs also get smarter with each version. For example, polar bears behave correctly when attacking. If the player puts on armor made of gold, he may not be afraid of a pig attack.

Villagers who do not have a profession cannot use carts to move.

Blocks and items

Mangrove swamps have become a source of new block types for Minecraft PE Wild Update players. For construction mud can be made into bricks by drying this material.

Mangrove wood will also be a good resource for users. From it you can make steps, doors and other things.

Scalk sensors can now detect the presence of bees, Elley and Ender dragons.

More changes

The authors at Mojang have fixed many of the crashes that have previously occurred in the game. In Minecraft, players no longer have difficulty returning to the Overworld from other dimensions.

The biome search command /locate biome works even better without causing freezes when searching for a remote area.

By the way, MCPE players will no longer be able to apply instant effects to dead mobs, for example, poisoned arrows.