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Download Captain America mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download the Captain America mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to turn into a real hero with super strength and high-tech shield.

The best Captain America mods for Minecraft PE

Many Minecraft PE players would like to try themselves in the role of the notorious character of the Marvel Universe. After all, he has incredible charisma, super powers and never swears.

The creators of the modifications did not stand aside and added a separate addon to the game that allows you to turn Steve into Rogers.


A small mod for Captain America, adding a vibranium shield to Minecraft PE. It can be used against mobs or even players.

By using the shield, you can gain an increase in speed, strength, jump height and regeneration.

Please note that you cannot get a Cap’s weapon in Minecraft PE in survival, since you will need to use the SimpleCommands or PocketInvEditor commands for this.


More modern mod for Captain America, which will allow the use of a 3D shield . Its key difference is that, in addition to its massive damage and health, it is obtainable in survival mode .

Do not forget to enchant this weapon with Loyalty so that it will return to you after being thrown into Minecraft PE.

To obtain Captain America’s shield, you will have to spend 10 diamonds by bargaining with the villagers. You can also knock him out of the drowned.

Captain America

A global addon that adds several types of weapons of Captain America to the game.

Thus, Minecraft PE players will be able to enjoy Mjolnir and the original shield. The latter is made of vibranium, which repels all attacks.

Don’t forget to enable experimental mode in the Minecraft PE world settings.

Now minecrafters will have new opportunities to destroy their enemies. Mjolnir will allow to use lightning against offenders .


  • What is Captain America's shield for in Minecraft PE?

    It is necessary to repel attacks in your direction, as well as attacks on opponents.
  • How can you create a shield in survival?

    To do this, you will need to collect the necessary items and craft, or give it out using the inventory of the creative mode or team.
  • What resources are needed to craft the Captain America's shield?

    To create a shield, you need 10 diamonds, which will need to be exchanged for a shield from a special merchant.