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Download Minecraft 0.14.2 for Android : play with a new interface, achievement system and red dust items.

New features of the Minecraft update 0.14.2

The development team from Mojang did their best and very quickly released a new release Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.2. The main goal of this update is to change some parameters of the game to match the idea, as well as add new mechanics and functions .


We hasten to please all players with the news that the developers are more and more changing the interface , making it all more and more convenient . Thus, in Minecraft PE 0.14.0, you can now safely go to the settings or the menu for changing skins directly from the main screen of the game.

To change the skin, click on the “Skins” button in the main menu and select either one of the sets, or add your own.

The development team also thought about changing these familiar settings. Now is much easier to change something , and it’s much more convenient to navigate.

Achievement System

The developers of Minecraft PE 0.14.2 have not forgotten about such an important thing as the achievement system . It finally migrated from PC version in MCPE . And taking with you 44 achievements from the version for Windows 10, as well as receiving additional 8 elements, specially created for the pocket edition of the game …

Notch, the creator of Minecraft, once said that he really wanted to add achievements to the game, but not for the player to set them as the goal of the whole gameplay, but so that they would help to study world of the game, discovering new and interesting features on its way.

We think that you have enough strength to complete them all. Let the game have there is no Ender dragon yet, but this should not stop you from task # 2.

Red dust

And finally, in Minecraft 0.14.2 we added the remaining items that players use to create various mechanisms and traps . You can tell, however, this is not entirely true, because the game is still no pistons .

NEWS: the developers promised that pistons, as well as horses, will appear in Minecraft PE 0.15.0.

However, even this list is more than enough for players to come up with many different cool and functional mechanisms .

  • double trap chests;
  • comparators;
  • repeaters;
  • distributors;
  • ejectors;
  • hoppers.

Changes in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.2

Well, now let’s go over the changes in Minecraft version 0.14.2 that have occurred in the game:

  • after successful loading the inscription “Done!” or “Done!”, depending on your language;
  • appeared three new animations : entering the Nether, burning and stuck player in the wall.


  • When to wait for pistons in Minecraft PE?

    The developers promise that they will add them in the new branch of the alpha update for Minecraft PE 0.15.0.
  • Who and why introduced the achievements to Minecraft?

    It was Notch, the legendary founder of Minecraft as well as Mojang. He wanted to use it to make it easier for players to learn all aspects of Minecraft.
  • What has changed in the new Minecraft PE 0.14.2 update?

    A caption was added after the download completed successfully, and there were also three interesting new animations.