Download textures for Anime for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.16.0 - 1.20.71

Download Anime textures for Minecraft PE: many types of illustrations, cute mobs that help you survive in the game.

What are anime textures for in Minecraft PE?

The developers of Minecraft PE have already updated the textures of the game several times using updates. However, not all players would like to use the proposed resource kits.

Many Japanese culture lovers, also referred to as otaku, would like to bring a little something to Minecraft PE.

And the creators of the texture packs went forward, developing several interesting resource packs for the game.


A small set of textures for anime, which is useful for those who like to use paintings.

The bottom line is that the player under the nickname SGT Saurus has replaced all standard illustrations in Minecraft PE.

Now these are not boring landscapes or skulls, but quite realistic characters.

Among the paintings from the set of textures on the anime, you can find the following “titles”:

  • Naruto;
  • Re: Zero;
  • Assassin class;
  • Spirited Away;
  • Tokyo ghoul;
  • Dragon Ball Z;
  • The 7 Deadly Sins;
  • Konosuba;
  • My Hero Academy;
  • JoJo and many others.

Cute mobs

Global anime texture set . With it, you can completely transform all mobs in Minecraft PE.

The developer is a player with the nickname AlphaAE, who was able to replace every creature in the game.

Traveling around the world will now look much more pleasing to the eye, but getting food will become much more difficult. The fact is that not everyone will raise their hand to a beautiful anime girl who used to be a cow.

Also in Minecraft PE you can find updated creepers, zombies, skeletons, witches and many others.


  • How do textures turn mobs into girls in Minecraft PE?

    Resource kits in new versions of the game can change not only textures, but also character models.
  • What characters are depicted in pictures in Minecraft PE?

    Naruto, Subaru, Rem, Kirito, Asuna and many others can be seen in the game.
  • What anime was the author of one of the texture packs inspired by?

    He was inspired by "titles" like Sword Master Online, Konosuba, Naruto and others.