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Download Undertail mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.4.0 - 1.20.71

Download Undertail mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to make friends from the popular universe, as well as fight terrible bosses.

The best Undertail mods for Minecraft PE

The Undertale computer game has become increasingly popular lately. Its influence is so great that it even leaked into Minecraft PE.

Thanks to the efforts of modders, players will be able to enjoy useful friendships with unusual creatures, as well as fight against bosses with huge damage and health levels.


A small mod for Undertail, which will add 7 characters from the original to the game at once. They will become both friends and your nemesis.

After installing the add-on in Minecraft PE, minecrafters will be able to meet 4 characters in the villages. They are player neutral. However, they can be tamed.

In order to tame these mobs from the Undertail mod, you need to use an iron ingot.

Be very careful, because at night you can be attacked by Papyrus, Sans or Asriel – the main opponents of the players in the original.

The bosses from the Undertail mod for Minecraft PE replace the enderman, skeleton and cadaver, but they do not burn in the sun and can incredible damage and health.


Global mod for Undertail, which will allow you to take part in the battle with all the bosses from the original computer game.

Interesting : The addon adds 6 dangerous opponents with several stages.

Among the enemy bosses in Minecraft PE, you can find such characters as:

  • Asgore Drimur;
  • Sans;
  • Orange bones;
  • Papyrus;
  • Omega;
  • Gaster.

Each of them has several stages of destruction, and each kill increases the difficulty level of bosses from the Undertail mod for Minecraft PE.

Important : It will take a lot of effort and resources to defeat the enemy, so be prepared for such an expense.


  • What adds the Undertail mod to Minecraft PE?

    The modification adds characters from the computer game Undertale to the game.
  • How can you tame a mob?

    To do this, you will have to spend 1 iron ingot.
  • Where can I find tameable characters from the Undertail mod?

    All mobs that can be tamed will replace the inhabitants, which means you can find them in the villages of the Minecraft PE world.