Minecraft PE

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Download free version of Minecraft apk and meet a new inhabitant of the cubic world who has very unusual abilities.

 What is new in Minecraft PE

The developers of Mojang Studios again tried to take into account all the suggestions of users to the maximum and released Minecraft In this version, one of the main actors is Sniffer.

He does not look like any of the inhabitants of the cubic and real world and at the same time also has very unusual behavior mechanics. The second novelty of this release was the appearance of such a phenomenon as Archeology. Now the desert biomes will be filled with seekers who are eager to find unique items in the sands.


Perhaps to add popularity to desert biomes or finally fulfilling the desire of many users, Archaeology appeared in Minecraft PE

This process is very interesting and fascinating because the player will never know in advance whether luck will smile at him or today he will just aimlessly dig in the sand.


In this process, it is the search result itself that is important. Players will have to try hard to find new blocks, called Suspicious Sand in Minecraft Once they are found, they will need to be cleaned very carefully with a brush.

After that, a clay fragment will fall out of the block. By itself, it is useless, but if you collect 4 such items, you can get a beautiful jug with an ornament.

Prehistoric mob

The second novelty of Minecraft PE is the appearance of a new mob. Sniffer is a harmless mob that will not attack either the player or other creatures. Instead, he has more important things to do and they consist in finding seeds.

They serve as its food source, but due to absent-mindedness, the sluggish creature may lose some of them. The player’s attentiveness and patience will be rewarded by the fact that he will be able to collect them and grow a rare plant in the future.


  • What new activity has become available in MCPE

  • What new mob will appear in Minecraft PE

  • Where can players find excavation sites?

    Near deserted temples.