Minecraft PE 1.19.62

Version 1.19.62 for Android

Download Minecraft 1.19.62 release free with Xbox Live and explore the space riding an unusual animal, as well as build a bamboo raft.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.62 Release

The constant updates that the developers of Mojang Studios release with enviable regularity help to make the cubic world even more exciting and various. So this time in Minecraft 1.19.62 they managed to fix a huge number of various errors and bugs and at the same time allow players to create something new and extraordinary.

Now, using dispensers players can equip saddles and armor on a variety of tamed animals, such as horses, donkeys, or mules. They can also put carpets and chests on llamas, and a saddle on pigs and striders.


Building amazing buildings in Minecraft PE 1.19.62 has become even more interesting thanks to the appearance of new material. Now you can create a similar block from 9 bamboo. The developers have improved the textures for them, as well as fences made from this raw material.

In addition to various elements for construction, such as slabs, fences, or ladders, players can also build a raft. It will be very comfortable to go on a trip on the water, while also taking with you everything you need in a chest.

New mob in Minecraft

Players are always looking forward to the appearance of new mobs in the game. After all, interaction with them allows you to diversify the gameplay and make it unforgettable.

Thus, Minecraft 1.19.62 updated textures for camels and improved the appearance of their cubs. It will also now be more convenient to ride an animal, as well as use a leash.

Other changes

Among the unusual changes in Minecraft PE 1.19.62, it can be noted that quick entry and exit in multiplayer do not break the game. Also, the effects of objects such as a Lighthouse and an Underwater guide have become more transparent.

You can see new spawn eggs in the Inventory, and their color and texture have been substituted for the polar bear.


  • How much bamboo will it take to create one block in Minecraft PE 1.19.62?

    9 bamboos will be required.
  • What animal appeared in MCPE 1.19.62?

  • Spawn eggs of which mobs appeared in this version?

    Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Snow Golem, and Wither.