Download airplane mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download aircraft mods for Minecraft PE and enjoy the stunning bird’s-eye views!

What is their advantage?

Every Minecraft PE lover knows that in order to survive, you have to cover huge distances on foot.

The goals can be different: starting with the desire to find a village and ending with the search for a portal to the region. And these hikes can be very tedious, but these mods will diversify your travels . They will add real fast planes to the game.


The add-on is perfect for those who still like to play on older versions of Minecraft PE. It adds different vehicles to the game, but the most interesting moment is the two aircraft.

These planes can even be built , which will definitely add new colors to your survival.

Driving transport is extremely easy. First you need to fill it with fuel, and then press the key with the key, after which the corresponding sound will be played and you can fly around the world of Minecraft PE.

TIP: The archive will contain a folder called “MCPE MECH”. This is a folder with sounds, which must be dropped along the path “ games / com.mojang “.

Military aircraft

It has similarities with the aircraft of the same type from the previous mod, but this one is for new versions of the game. Also, if he detects hostile mobs within a radius of 48 blocks, then will immediately start attacking them .

Important! The archive contains 4 files, 3 of which are resource packs: green, blue and yellow. Your choice.

Wooden plane

To be honest, this is almost the same, but with a replaced texture. Another distinguishing feature of this aircraft in Minecraft PE is the presence of a chest on board , which will allow you to move more things.

To control the flight, you need to hold an iron sword in your hand.

Miniature aircraft

This option is the most ideal for Minecraft players as it has very simple functionality. You do not need to rotate the camera for takeoff and landing, but just hold the desired arrow in your hand. In reality, the iron golem has been replaced by a model of this transport, so you can create it in survival mode .

List of replaced items:

  • up arrow lime dye;
  • red dye on the down arrow;
  • the heart of the sea to the straight arrow;
  • carrots on a stick on a key.


The author of the mod has implemented a pretty simple plane with propeller animation in Minecraft PE. It accommodates one player who can control it. It is even possible to create a flying ship in survival, which will require 5 blocks of iron and 2 coal.

To get into the cockpit of the aircraft, press the Fly button . Next, control the plane with the body’s movements of the game character.


  • How do I install these mods?

    For the cornmaker you need BlockLauncher, and for the rest you just need the game itself.
  • How to open a chest on an airplane?

    You need to sit down and then hover over the plane.
  • ​​How to get fuel for military and wooden planes?

    Snow texture replaced with fuel texture. You need to throw a snowball at the plane, after which it will be ready to fly.