Download subway map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.15.10 - 1.20.71
Authors: Ondra, Daniel, Jakub.

Download subway maps for Minecraft PE and try to ride through the huge subway tunnels right in the game.

What will you find on the map?

The metro has long been an integral part of the modern world. And it’s not just that, because thanks to it, people can avoid traffic jams on the surface. Also quickly move to the other end of the city.

Attempts to transfer metro networks to Minecraft PE were not long in coming. More than 10 years after the release of the game, our team managed to find the best map on this topic .

FACT: The location has as many as 5 stages of “evolution”, each of which is many times better than the previous one.


Your journey along the unexplored underground railroad in Minecraft PE begins in a a small room . It won’t interest you too much. Unless you are the player who always reads posts from the author.

After that, you can exit through the door either to the station, or climb outside.


Let’s start with what you can find on the metro map for Minecraft PE. First of all, you will find decorated subway entrances, as well as various Easter eggs from the creator .

The author of the location got so confused that he even created his own designations: a blue bed is an entrance, and a brown one is an exit.

Interestingly, the level so much repeats modern metro networks that it even has an exit path to the street, and therefore at the station.

FACT: There is a small ticket machine next to each aisle.


Well, let’s go back, underground maps on Minecraft PE. Here users, as well as above, are waiting for incredibly beautifully equipped and well-developed stations .

Also, one cannot fail to note the splendor that can be observed while driving through the tunnels: a huge forest of trees or gorges with picturesque waterfalls, or maybe a modern concrete tunnel in the world.

Another feature of the territory is the different design of each segment of the path.

By the way, the creator invites players to go through a a little test and find all the hidden Easter eggs in one run.

Ice Metro

ice metro is located on this map for Minecraft PE. The transport network consists of one line for 21 stations, and is 27.2 km long. The subway can be operated by boats at speeds up to 250 km / h.

Each station has its own logo and sounds . To do this, the location files include a special mod with textures.


  • How to ride the subway in Minecraft PE?

    Use a regular minecart that can be found at any station and, having installed it, start your movement around the world of Minecraft.
  • How to install this map on the subway?

    To do this, you need to download the file and tap on it, select Minecraft and just wait for the import to complete.