Minecraft PE 1.19.70

Version 1.19.70 for Android
Trails & Tales Update

Download free version of Minecraft 1.19.70 relase apk and use the seeds that Sniffer finds to grow unusual plants.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.70 Release

With enviable regularity, the developers of Mojang Studios delight users with the release of new versions. And although there are not so many innovations in Minecraft PE 1.19.70, they still deserve attention.

Firstly, the gameplay performance has been significantly improved. Also added sounds when the player is in the Boat and at the same time rowing with oars.

It will also be useful for the heroes to know that now objects thrown out of the water will not float away.

New items

To get new items in Minecraft 1.19.70, players will have to work hard.  To get them, you will have to go to the hottest biome of the cubic world – the desert. It was there, near the ancient temples, that excavations were started and now any player can try his luck and try to find something interesting.

To begin with, you will have to find new blocks, and be careful, because they are very fragile. And now users can only clean them with careful movements using a special brush. If everything is done correctly, the player will receive fragments of clay vessels.

Perhaps once upon a time, these vases had a practical purpose, but now they are so valuable that they can be used exclusively for decorative purposes. Also, a lot of new and interesting things are waiting for players in the upcoming Trails & Tales Update.


Another novelty of Minecraft PE 1.19.70 is the appearance of an unusual creature. Although Sniffer had not previously appeared in the game, users already knew about its basic properties. The fact is that he was a participant and winner of a big vote, in which the developers revealed some secrets of interaction with him.

All players need to know about this creature is that it is friendly, and constantly looking for food. The player can follow him and collect a few seeds to grow something interesting and unusual in the future.


  • Where are the excavations in MCPE 1.19.70?

    In the desert.
  • What does Sniffer eat?

  • How many variants of the pattern on clay fragments are there in total?

    There are 4 of them in Minecraft PE 1.19.70