Download Sky Block maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download Sky Block Maps for Minecraft PE and arrange for yourself extreme survival on the flying islands!

The best SkyBlock maps for Minecraft PE

Sky Block is an unusual survival high in the skies on the flying islands. The player spawns on the main island with very few starting resources .

He has to use these resources to begin full-fledged survival. On some maps there are goals, after reaching which, the mission is considered completed.


The oldest and most common Sky Block map for Minecraft PE. There is more than 12 islands covered with snow. The player needs to explore all the islands and develop as much as possible.

There is snow on the territory, with which you can make a snowman, and, accordingly, an endless source of snow blocks.

Lucky Block

By and large, it is no different from the previous map, but it has one peculiarity. This location has an island with a lacquer block tree . And the most interesting thing is that this tree can be re-planted.

40 islands

More than 40 flying islands in Minecraft PE, each of which is unique in its own way. In the story, the player woke up in a room and does not remember how he got here.

He finds pieces of paper with inscriptions in the chest, and then moves to the island to start survival.

It is also worth noting that the map has its own resource pack, which only improves the atmosphere of the game.

Unique islands

This map, unlike others in Minecraft PE, has unique islands, each of which is worked out in detail.

For example, once on an island with crystals, the player may think that he really found himself in the Edge.

In addition, there is a chest in the lobby where you can put your items . After that, the player’s item will disappear, and another will appear in its place.

Smart SkyBlock

This map differs from all the others in that it has its own game currency and shop in Minecraft PE.

In addition, whales are present in this location, which will help at the very beginning of survival.

TIP: It is recommended to build immediately to the island, where there is a path to the store to speed up the survival process.

SkyBlock & Skywars

This is one of the most interesting Sky Block maps for Minecraft PE. In this location, the player will not only have to survive, but also fight with other participants .

The winner will be the one who remains the last survivor.

Skyblock in space

The presented version of the map on Skyblock is located in endless space . The islands of this location for Minecraft PE are planets that differ in size and biome.

The developer of the area has only built six planets , but has promised to add more in the future. These 6 islands include the planets of the ordinary world, hell, the End, ice, as well as UFOs and an asteroid cluster.


  • How to grow a tree from lacquer blocks?

    You need to place the oak sapling in exactly the same place where the tree was earlier and wait, or speed up the process with bone meal.
  • How to install the first card?

    You need to move the contents of the archive to games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds.
  • How many people can play on the SkyBlock x Skywars map?

    2 to 8 players.