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Download Minecraft 0.14.3 for Android : play with new items to create mechanisms, an updated interface, witches and new skins.

Changes in Minecraft update 0.14.3

The Mojang developers have finally announced that they are releasing the final part of the Overworld Update Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.3.

It’s funny, but the name for the Mojang update didn’t come up until eight months later.


Finally, almost all the missing components have been added to the game, which allow minecrafters to build both simple and extremely complex projects </ span>. Moreover, given the fact that even without these blocks people used to be able to make amazing maps for passing, now we should expect a lot.

The main thing that was not added to Minecraft PE 0.14.3 and what the players paid attention to was pistons. Their developers promise updates in the next branch.

Now you can take advantage of the rather impressive list of items, which consists of 10 new items :

  • double trap chests;
  • comparators;
  • repeaters;
  • distributors;
  • ejectors;
  • hoppers;
  • slime blocks;
  • minecarts with:
    • TNT;
    • chest;
    • funnel.

FACT: If a dynamite cart at speed fits into another, it will instantly explode.


Mojang has not forgotten about its desire to make the interface much more friendly and convenient. And they do it better every time. And the Minecraft Pocket Edition update 0.14.3 was no exception, because now you can access the most important tabs literally in one click .

To change the skin or language, it is now enough to click on a single button on the main screen. Well, after that you can safely choose any you like.

By the way, also updated the settings window , so that it is now much more convenient. And all the settings in Minecraft PE 0.14.3 can be changed in just three taps.


New mobs in the game world, which differ in that they are quite difficult to kill . The thing is that where they will not go – there is a potion, which they immediately use to save themselves .

They live in the swamp in their hut, but you can find them just walking around the night world of Minecraft 0.14.3.

Dealing with them either requires a lot of patience, or a really powerful weapon , so stock up on one. But they can still attack, and again with potions.


In the new Minecraft PE 0.14.3 update, the developers added a set of skins for your character , which will be associated with each of the known biomes .

May be useful if you are playing with friends and want to role-play.


  • Where can I find a witch?

    They live in the swamp in their hut, but you can find them just by walking around the night world of Minecraft PE 0.14.3.
  • What is in the witch's hut?

    Here you will find a cauldron (another new block in the game, which was added a little earlier) and a workbench.
  • Is it possible to burn a witch in MCPE 0.14.3?

    No. She can use a potion of fire resistance.