Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft on android with a working Xbox Live: fight enemies on a camel, store enchanted books on new shelves and appreciate all the features of spectator mode!

What’s new in Minecraft

Based on the comments of the players, the developers of Mojang improved the cubic world and released Minecraft PE edition.

The version contains not only new animals, unique blocks and useful items, but also improvements to the spectator mode, as well as some fixes.


Those who want to build a house on the seashore in Minecraft should use bamboo blocks for this. Durable material with a beautiful texture is suitable not only for construction, but also for interior details.

You can craft a raft out of bamboo, which contains a chest for items.

Traveling on such a vehicle is similar to traveling on a boat with a chest.

New Items

In Minecraft PE, you can not only place all your enchanted books on new carved shelves, but also track their movements. For this you need a comparator.

Similar to signs, players can use hanging signs. You can create them from any type of wood.


For travel in Minecraft, the developers introduced camels. Animals can be found in desert villages.
At the moment, this is the only creature in the game world that users can ride together.

Desert mobs can also wiggle their ears and jump over blocks.


Spectator mode in Minecraft PE has been updated. If the player has cheats enabled, he can use this option through the command /gamemode spectator. Spectators do not interact with mobs, can walk through blocks, and do not sleep at night.

For those who want to change the skin, the developers have created as many as seven variants of unique characters. They can be found in the fitting room.