Download the map for the ship on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.71
Author: Electrocreeperg

Download a ship map for Minecraft PE: meet one of the largest cruise ships and flying boats!

Maps for the Ship for Mineraft PE

The territory is provided in the form of a construction of a large and beautiful ship in Minecraft PE, which actually exists.

The author of the map, Electrocreeperg, tried to create a high quality copy of the Norwegian Cruise Line vessel and tried to copy the interiors that exist in the original copy. He put in a lot of effort and recreated in detail the dimensions of the ship, floors and rooms.

Info: NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line) is a US based cruise line. It is the third largest in the world.

Recommendations for easy familiarization with the map

  1. range of drawing at maximum values;
  2. the difficulty level is peaceful (mobs will get in the way due to the empty ship inside);
  3. when inspecting a ship underwater, apply the effect of night vision / effect @s night_vision 100.

Here you will find slideshow pools , gourmet restaurants, luxury suites and much more that a ship of this class cannot be imagined without. In addition, there is a field for basketball and even football .

Interesting: there is a small beach nearby, which has water attractions </ span>. We also thought about the safety of the players, and in case of an accident, rush to the helipad, which is located at the stern of the ship.

The huge cruise ship is the size of a football field . It is so large that you can visit restaurants, swimming pools, game rooms and other entertainment venues that were taken from a real ship.

The author of Electrocreeperg got so carried away with his construction that he decided to copy not only the upper part, but also the lower one. Underwater, you can see 2 powerful and large engines that can be started using certain command blocks .

The inside of the ship is completely empty and it was created only for viewing from the outside . Maybe one day the author will decide to deal with the internal structure, but this will not be soon, given the scale of the ship.

Flying boat

This map for Minecraft PE contains a flying pirate ship . The boat’s flight is realized using a mechanism on the command blocks. To start the vessel, you must press the button.

After that, a netherite helmet will appear in your inventory. Next take the elevator to the boat and sit in the minecar . Then put the helmet into the hotbar and the ship will start moving. The direction of flight depends on the position of your head.


  • What version of Minecraft PE is this map suitable for?

    The file works on Minecraft versions 0.13.0 - 1.16.0.
  • What is the size of the Liner?

    The boat is about the size of a football field.