Download mods for Among Us for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.16.0 - 1.20.81

Download Among Us mods for Minecraft PE and try to find a real traitor among your comrades!

Among Us Mod for Minecraft PE

Recently, the game Among Us began to gain popularity on the Internet very quickly. The action of this game takes place in a spaceship among the crew members. The thing is that among the comrades on the spaceship there are traitors who need to be calculated.

Now you can play this game in Minecraft PE thanks to the modification.


First of all, it is worth noting the appearance of creatures in Minecraft PE in the Among Us mod. These include crew members, traitors and pets . Traitors attack crew members at every opportunity, and also tie up the player.

Crew members

These creatures can be tamed with bones. After that, they will follow the user and protect him from any hostile mobs. Also, a crew member can be made to sit and not move. There are a total of 12 color variations for this mob .


Pets in the Among Us mod in Minecraft PE simply follow the crew members. They do not have a specific role and can simply brighten up loneliness. There are six pets in total: Henry Stickman, Ellie, Angry Dog, Crab, Brainslug and Wall-e .

You can spawn pets by using spawn eggs in your Creative Inventory.


If desired, the user himself can easily become a member of the crew in the Among Us mod in Minecraft PE. To do this, you just need to put on a special suit that is installed in the helmet slot. After that, the player’s skin will immediately change.


In addition to the Creative inventory, costumes in the Among Us mod for Minecraft PE can also be obtained by crafting. To do this, use eight white wool and a golden apple .

Thus, the user will be able to make a white suit. And by placing it in a stone cutter, he will be able to change its color to any other desired without any cost.


In the latest update of the Among Us mod for Minecraft PE, the author added various decorations and hats . You can put them on your head by placing them in the bib slot. However, before that, the player himself must already put on a special suit to turn into a crew member.

The decorations themselves can also be obtained in Survival Mode. To do this, you just need to place an iron ingot in a stone cutter.

Crew members

The presented mod brings crew members from Among Us to Minecraft PE. In total, there are six types of such creatures in the add-on. Each of them differs in the color of their body.

Important: To run the mod, you must enable experimental features when creating the world.

Mod team members are also can be tamed . To do this, you need to feed the mob one regular apple.


  • How to install modification on Among Us?

    You just need to click on the downloaded file to start the automatic installation.
  • What if the modification does not work?

    You need to enable experimental game mode.
  • How to craft pants and how to use them?

    For crafting, you need to place a gold ingot in a stone cutter. To put on the pants, you just need to place them in the leggings slot.