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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and survive in the new nether world!

MCPE Nether Update – What’s New?

In less than a week since the release of the previous version, the developers released the next version of the Nether Update. In Minecraft PE, first of all, there is a possibility of respawning in Hell. Also, the game has new mobs, biomes and blocks.


Five new mobs, one of which is friendly, brought Minecraft to the game world:

Title Description
Hoglin A player-aggressive mob, capable of reproduction . Meat drops from the hoglin on death.
Zoglin Extremely aggressive towards all creatures, including the user, mob. Hoglin turns into zoglyn when it enters the normal world.
Strider The only tameable creature in Hell in Minecraft PE
Piglin Although aggressive towards the player, Piglin will not attack him if he is wearing gold armor. Also willing to trade for gold.
Brutal piglin More brutal piglins in MCPE Nether Update. Their main task is to guard the treasures in the remains of the bastion .

FACT: Hoglin is the only source of meat in the entire Downworld.


As mentioned earlier, in Minecraft, the generation of Hell has undergone major changes. The number of biomes has increased to five and two new structures have also appeared.

Biomes include crimson and warped forests, a basalt delta, and a valley of soul sand. And to the structures – the destroyed portal and the remains of the bastion .

Respawn Anchor

Finally, the user will be able to respawn right in the Hellworld at death, bypassing the usual one. And this became possible thanks to the revival anchor , which appeared in Minecraft PE

This block can be crafted from six weeping obsidian and three glowing stones.

For the revive anchor to work, it must be charged with glowing stones.


With the release of Minecraft, diamond items are no longer the most effective and durable. They were replaced by new material – netting .

INTERESTING: Netherite items do not burn in lava.


  • How to tame MCPE strider

    With the help of a warped mushroom.
  • How to breed hoglins?

    This requires crimson mushrooms.
  • How to get netherite ingot in Minecraft PE

    First, you need to get the ore of ancient remains, then smelt it and get netherite scrap. 4 Netherite Scrap and 4 Gold Bars can be used to create a full Netherite Ingot.