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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live on your Android device and find out all the abilities of bees and their secret weapons!

Minecraft – What have you added?

Work on improving the performance of the game continues. In the previous version MCPE 1.14.20 the Mojang developers tried to change the game code and remove some bugs for full stabilization.


Studio Mojang AB launched a new experiment, which was presented in the form of bees. The new mobs had a modern script of behavior and were able to adapt to any situation.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, bees are the smartest creatures in the game. The essence of the experiment is to test the behavior of the mob. The developers decided to transfer the new algorithms to other mobs.

Information about bees: The priority task of bees in the game is to pollinate plants and create honey. Pollination of buzzing creatures is like bone meal (plant growth increases). The natural habitat is wild hives . In the event of a thunderstorm, bees fly to the hive. When attacking 1 individual, a whole swarm attacks.

Tip: If you want to find bees, then go to the flower meadow. There the chance of regeneration of these mobs is higher.

Cell Blocks

In almost every update to Minecraft, decorative blocks have been added. The “ Bees & Honey ” update is no exception. The honeycomb block is a lattice pattern that serves only for decoration. In the future, it is planned to add to this block such a function as storing honey.

Honey Blocks

Honey blocks are not inferior to even slime blocks in their properties. Although this is analogous to a block of mucus, there is a difference. For example, when falling on it, the damage is reduced to 80% . When passing through it, entities slow down.

Wild Hive

If you want to see bees, then the first thing in Minecraft PE you need to find wild hives. In most cases, they are located next to a flower meadow. It is there that the tree’s chance of regenerating this block is higher than in other biomes – 5%. Wild hives are used by bees as a place to honey storage and protection .

For extraction, you need to have a silk-touch weapon or scissors. In other cases, the hive will break and the bees will become aggressive.

Homemade Hives

For a convenient study of the behavior of bees and collecting honey, homemade hives were introduced into Minecraft They can be crafted from 3 honeycomb and 6 boards . Each hive has 5 levels and only 3 honey collection is available .

Character Editor

A new feature in Minecraft Pocket Edition deprives the player of the ability to change their skin in more than 100 variants . You can change limbs, hair, beard, size, clothes, eyes, skin color, and more. Most importantly, all this is in the 3D .

Minecraft PE Changes


To prevent crashes and errors, the Mojang developers decided to limit expansion packs to 256x on Xbox Live . This is a temporary solution to the problem and in the new update branch Bedrock Edition 1.15.0 , this limitation will be removed.

Game system

Players can now enjoy the dual screen mode without errors or crashes. The system automatically stabilizes the process.
Unexpectedly auto-jump enable during gameplay has been fixed. Work on auto-jump will continue and changes to this feature are planned.
We also fixed a bug that resulted in more bubbles than needed to craft a block of honey.


  • What is unique about the Bees?

    They have a modern script of behavior and are able to adapt to any situation.
  • Where can I find the Bees?

    If you want to find bees, then go to the flower meadow. There the chance of regeneration of these mobs is higher.
  • What bug was fixed in Minecraft

    Auto-jump unexpectedly during gameplay has been fixed.