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Download for free the full version of Minecraft PE 0.13.2 for Android and hurry to the desert temple for its treasures!

What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.2?

There are not many innovations in this version of Minecraft PE 0.13.2, but this makes it no less interesting. Now the player can play music right in the game, build simple mechanisms. He also, while wandering through the desert, may notice a desert temple there .


A cute and harmless creature that only does all the time that jumps in Minecraft PE 0.13.2. Often appears in the taiga, plains and deserts. When he sees a player, he runs away from him. Rabbits can be bred either with regular carrots or with golden ones. It should be noted that if you hit them, they will make a little squeak .

Changes have also been made to other mobs in Minecraft PE 0.13.2. For example, wolves now attack sheep and rabbits. And ghasts, in turn, began to appear more often.

Desert Temple

Wandering through the desert expanses of Minecraft PE 0.13.2, the player may notice an unfamiliar structure. It turns out to be a desert temple containing treasures . But do not immediately try to get them, because next to them there is a trap that activates dynamites. Temples can sometimes generate partially buried.

TIP: It is not recommended to go to desert temples with tamed animals, as they are may accidentally trigger a trap.


The main part of the innovations in Minecraft 0.13.2 touched exactly the blocks. The game now features pressure plates, various sensors and even pressure rails . The only thing about the latter is that they are activated only when the trolley passes over them.

You can now also build an iron door in survival mode.


The last thing added to Minecraft PE 0.13.2 is this is raw rabbit meat . You can get it by killing a rabbit. If you fry this rabbit meat and eat it, then you can safely forget about eating for a while.


  • What does a desert temple consist of in Minecraft PE 0.13.2?

    Mainly sandstone. There is also terracotta and blue pottery.
  • How can you deactivate a trap in a desert temple?

    It is enough to just destroy the pressure plate, which is located directly under the center.
  • What do daylight sensors do in MCPE 0.13.2?

    Depending on the operating mode, a signal sounds at a certain time of the day.