Download school map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.0.0 - 1.21.1

Download school map for Minecraft PE : cafeteria, football stadium, computer lab, old school

The best school maps for Minecraft PE

School is one of the main stages in the life of every child. It is here that children get their first knowledge of various sciences. But depending on the country, schools are different. And Minecraft PE players have the opportunity to get acquainted with these educational institutions.


A small location containing several residential buildings in Minecraft PE. Most likely, these are the homes of families whose children go to school. And there is a school on the outskirts of this village. There is a theater next to it.

The houses are furnished, but the classrooms are empty.

Find the button

Quite an interesting map in which the player needs to go through 10 levels in Minecraft PE. To complete each level, you need to find a button. But this is not so easy to do, because these very buttons are cleverly hidden.

All level locations in this map are related to the school. This could be a computer lab, cafeteria, library or something else.

High School

Unlike other locations, this one is impressive in its size. Here the player can see American school in Minecraft PE. The educational institution itself is divided into 2 buildings, which are located opposite each other. There is a road for cars between the buildings.

There are 2 large stadiums to the side of the school. The first stadium is for American football and the second is for regular football.

High School

A huge building in Minecraft PE. On the contrary, there is a fountain at the main entrance. And right on the main wall of the middle school is a large wall clock.

There is a large stadium at some distance from the school building. And next to this stadium is a football field.

This map differs from others in that it has its own texture.

High School

The presented map for Minecraft PE for high school built for role-playing games . On it, everyone can feel like a teacher or student.

Information: In the building of the educational building there is a huge number of classrooms for studying various sciences.

It should be noted that each office has a unique design. The school also has a sports complex where you can play volleyball and basketball.


  • How to install maps for a school for MCPE?

    All maps have a .mcworld extension. You just need to click on the downloaded file, and then the automatic installation of the map will begin.
  • How to install the texture for high school?

    It is built into the map and will automatically be present in the game.
  • What can you do on these maps?

    Maps are mainly for Minecraft PE RolePlayers. You can invite friends and give everyone a role to play as a fulfilling life at school.