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Minecraft PE Aquatic and Chemistry Update

This is the seventh preview for 1.4. Many different creatures have appeared in this update. There are also many new locations. In addition, the Mojang developers have tried and added some elements from the Chemistry Update .


Several new mobs have appeared in Minecraft PE at once.

Mob name Description
Dolphins They usually swim in the oceans in groups of 3-5 dolphins. If a player hits the water, they swim nearby and sometimes jump out of the water.
The Drowned Creatures hostile to the player. They roam on the seabed in Minecraft At night they emerge from the water and begin to attack the player.
Pisces Several fish species have been added at once: cod, tropical, blowfish and salmon.


Minecraft PE boasts a lot of new structures. For example, now the player, while sailing in the sea, may notice a sunken ship . This ship will contain various treasure chests . Also worth noting is the new coral structure. This location brings new colors to the marine world.

One of the chests on the ship will contain a treasure map.

Chemistry Update

As mentioned earlier, in Minecraft, in addition to the water update, there was also a chemical one. For example, the game has a element constructor . With its help, you can create elements by adjusting the number of protons, electrons and neutrons. There is also a laboratory table. Here the player can experiment by creating new items and watching the process.

Another rather interesting block is the underwater torch glowing underwater.

Other minor changes

Among all the changes in Minecraft PE, two of them deserve special attention. First of all, it is worth noting the the ability to install rails under water . And also players can now swim through a 1 block hole.