Download Mini-map mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download Mini-map mod for Minecraft PE: get a unique opportunity to use new opportunities for orientation on the terrain, such as marks and directions of cardinal points.

The best Mini-map mods for Minecraft PE

The world of Minecraft PE sometimes causes difficulties during its exploration. The fact is that it is necessary to memorize the vast territories that you pass in order not to get lost.

The modders decided to fix this problem by creating several addons that add a mini-map to the game.


A small mod for the mini-map that will add it to the upper left corner of the screen in Minecraft PE.

This is one of the first versions of the add-on, so now it detects not so many blocks.

However, players will be able to use the map mod to navigate the dark cave in order to find resources easier.


A somewhat unique modification to the map for Minecraft PE, which adds a small dynamic picture to the game in the upper left corner.

The minimap can display over 100 different blocks, so it will be useful in any survival.

Note that the brown marker is the player’s current position, updated every second.

It should be noted that in the pictures for the mini-map mod, everything is exaggerated to make it better clear – everything will be smaller in Minecraft PE.


Global mod on the mini-map, which will be useful to absolutely all players in the world of Minecraft PE. The addon has over 10 different settings that allow you to in detail to customize the displayed information .

Among the main features of the script are multiplayer support, display of mobs, underground and aboveground views, regulation of the size of the map, etc.

All the player needs to do for the mini-map to appear is to load the mod using BlockLauncher.


  • What is a mini-map for in Minecraft PE?

    It is needed to navigate the terrain.
  • How can you set a mark on the map?

    To do this, you need to tap on the mini-map. by opening it in this way, and then pressing a special button.
  • What resources are needed to craft a mini-map? There is no need to spend resources to create a mini-map, as it adds as part of your interface.