Minecraft PE 1.20.0

Version 1.20.0 for Android

Download Minecraft 1.20.0 for Android free with a working Xbox Live: use all the abilities of the update by growing trees, meeting Sniffer, and exploring Cherry Grove!

Minecraft 1.20.0 Release

The Mojang development team constantly surprises fans of the game world. Minecraft PE 1.20.0 is no exception: there is a lot of great content for users, including new biomes, different mobs, and additional features.

You can ride a camel on horseback, as well as decorate your home with Hanging Signs right now. To transform the interior, use Chiseled Bookshelves.


Amazing creatures continue to appear in Minecraft 1.20.0 and one of them is the winner of the user vote. Absolutely all users of the cubic world were looking forward to the Sniffer, and they expect something unusual and unique from it.

It is worth noting that this creature does not look like any of the existing creatures in the game. Its main feature in Trails & Tales Update is the search for ancient seeds that it feeds on.

Cherry Grove

In cubic space, there have not been such amazing locations as Cherry Grove for a long time. The authors have made this area ideal for a relaxing holiday for players. Rose trees, from which petals fall to the ground, are an absolute decoration of these places in Minecraft PE 1.20.0.

Heroes can meet mobs such as sheep, chickens, and pigs in these places. Collect the fallen petals and make a dye out of them.


This fascinating activity has long been on the waiting list of users. And in Minecraft 1.20.0 they finally have such an opportunity. Now armed with a Brush, you can safely go in search of Suspicious sand.

By the way, Trails & Tales Update also has a new structure in which you can also see these blocks. Find her first.


Among the useful items in Minecraft PE 1.20.0, there is also a replenishment. Players are encouraged to use Templates to decorate their armor. They can be found in various structures.


  • Which mob appeared in Minecraft PE 1.20.0?

  • What is interesting about the Cherry Grove?

    In MCPE 1.20.0, you can collect petals for the dye there.
  • What are the possibilities of Archaeology?

    Players can find ancient items.