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Download Minecraft PE for free on android: play with updated bees, new structures and fixed game crashes.

What has changed since the Minecraft Bedrock update?

In the new update Minecraft , the development team has done quite a lot to fix all bugs and bring even more to the game content.


New mobs for the whole game, which were added at the same time as the PC version. They are slightly smaller than the block, but despite their size they look pretty cute .

Everything that bees do in Minecraft PE is doing their own bee deeds, that is:

  • pollinate flowers;
  • collecting nectar;
  • defend their swarm;
  • make honey.

Notably, bees are the second mob in the game to die after their only attack.

To understand that you have provoked the bee, just look them in the eyes, because those immediately turn red . Be careful, because not only will you get poisoned, you will also be attacked by the rest of the swarm .


There are two kinds of hives in Minecraft BE, each different from the other:

  • nest – appears during the generation of the world, it is dangerous that the player who tried to get a bottle of honey will be rebuffed;
  • hive – created thanks to the honeycomb from the nest and the tree, so you don’t have to worry about the attack of bees.

Both of these places are home to bees, which allow the bees to hide from the rain and spend the night.

IMPORTANT: you can start collecting honey in wooden hives only if they have reached level 3.

Change in update

Well, finally, all the changes that took place specifically in this version of the Minecraft BE update:

  • various bugs that occurred during gameplay have been fixed;
  • were removed from the game all those bugs that led to a crash during:
    • Split-screen player connection on Nintendo Switch;
    • placing a compass and a map with a compass on one workbench;
    • map downloads “Extreme Speed ​​Runner” from Minecraft Marketplace on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One;
    • hitting Hell Portal along with some entity.
  • fixed overlapping text after changing resolution.


  • What have been added in the new version?

    New Minecraft PE update brings many fixes and optimizations to the game that all players have been waiting for.
  • How to get honeycombs in update?

    Use scissors enchanted with Silk Touch
  • How do I use Xbox Live in the game?

    Just login using the button in the main menu. After that, you will have the opportunity to play online with friends, as well as get achievements.