Download mods for tanks for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download tank mods for Minecraft PE and destroy everything in your path using cannons!

What are they for?

In ordinary Minecraft PE, the sword and bow are considered the best means of fighting hostile creatures. But these countermeasures may have bored some players, so this article suggests great solutions – tanks .


This add-on adds a large number of vehicles to Minecraft PE, among which there is a tank. It is very easy to operate using buttons. Another interesting property is its ability to shoot dynamite .

The archive will contain a folder “MCPE MECH , which must be placed under the path “ games / com.mojang” . </ p >


Perfect for those who like to have fun in Minecraft PE with their friends. two tanks: blue and red will be added to the game. Shooting is done with Ender pearls.

War Tank

Unlike other mods, this one has a detailed texture . The most interesting aspect of this expansion is the presence of a chest in the back. In addition to all this, this mod replaces the egg, snowball and bow with a rocket, grenade and machine gun, respectively.

TIP: To be able to open the chest, you need to sit down, then hover the cursor over the back of the tank.

Together with military vehicles, a military uniform is added to Minecraft PE, which replaced the chain mail.


It is based on the famous “ Tiger” tank. It is controlled with a bow. It is worth noting that you can shoot with the same bow.

The archive contains 3 textures with different colors to choose from.

BM Tank

Adds two types of tank to Minecraft PE: for player and rogues . Now, during raids, the player and one of the robbers will automatically receive a tank. This will diversify the struggle and bring new colors to it.

M1A2 Abrams

This mod adds the famous M1A2 Abrams tank to Minecraft PE. The add-on features an incredibly realistic model of military equipment. The tank has unique sounds, particles and two working tools . Moreover, a tank can be created in survival from 7 blocks of iron, TNT and redstone.

It is worth noting that M1A2 Abrams turret rotates 360 degrees . It makes it pretty easy to aim your weapon at enemies.


  • How do I install these mods?

    All mods except the first are installed with just one click. The first requires BlockLauncher.
  • How can you create these tanks?

    In creative mode, you can find them in your inventory.
  • How to refuel tanks?

    You need to take the fuel in your hands and throw it into the tank, holding your finger on the screen.