Download homeless map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.7.0 - 1.20.71

Download the Homeless map for Minecraft PE: post office, police station, grave, residential buildings, garages and much more!

Homeless survival location in Minecraft PE

MCPE players who follow YouTube trends may have noticed that many well-known youtubers in this field shoot letplays using this map. And this is where players can download this location.

Beginning of Survival

When you first start the map, the player will appear on the main street of their city in Minecraft PE. Looking around, he will notice various structures: residential buildings, shops, police station .

The first step is to pay attention to the store built from birch and oak boards. There will be 3 mannequins inside, one of which will be wearing leather clothes.

When leaving the store, pay attention to the passage in the mountain to the left of the exit. This will be the home of the Homeless.


Naturally, the homeless person in Minecraft PE needs food, as well as clothes . However, he does not have at least some means to acquire all this.

Therefore, first of all, he should pay attention to the bottles and cans scattered on the ground. By collecting them, he can exchange it all in the bottle exchanger for quite valuable items.

TIP: Between the residential buildings there is a trash chest, which also contains useful items.


Continuing his journey in Minecraft PE, a homeless person stumbles upon ruins and a dump – the main place of residence of local residents. Proceeding further, he will reach the garages. One of these garages will have a a secret room with valuables .

Looking down, the player will notice a military base and a timber warehouse. There will be a post office next to this location.

Another city

Having entered the bus, which was at the very beginning of the map, the player will be able to move to another city in Minecraft PE. Upon exiting the bus, the player will be able to enjoy delicious drinks at the bar .

If you find a building made of red wool in a given city, you can get rich in an instant.


  • Why is there no map for the version below MCPE 1.7?

    The map contains a texture that works exclusively on newer versions of the game.
  • How to install the map?

    File in .mcworld extension, which means that the map will automatically install when you click on it.
  • Why are the buildings empty?

    The card is a role-playing game between friends based on pure improvisation.