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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft for android with a working Xbox Live and meet a completely new hellish world and its inhabitants!

Minecraft PE – What’s New?

In Minecraft, the developers from Mojang have almost completely changed the Underworld we are used to. They added new mobs as well as biomes that are completely different from each other in their individual characteristics.


Now in Minecraft PE you can meet two new mobs: piglins and hoglins .


They can be both hostile and neutral creatures. When you see a player in Minecraft Piglins immediately gather in a group , like zombies and attack.

TIP: If you wear gold armor, the piglins will not attack you.

But these infernal creatures also have one useful purpose – commerce . They, as mentioned above, love gold and are willing to trade for it.


Large creatures that are inhabitants of the crimson forest. They, like piglins, are hostile creatures, so you should be wary of them.

TIP: Hoglins in Minecraft PE are very afraid of warped mushrooms, so they will not come close to you if there is such a mushroom next to you.


With the release of Minecraft, hell has almost completely changed. Now, in addition to lava and hellstone, you can see as many as 3 new biomes: crimson forest, warped forest and valley of soul sand .

Crimson Forest

This biome in Minecraft PE differs in that everything here is in red, which is clearly indicated by the name of the area itself. Considered home to piglins and hoglins .

Distorted Forest

A rather unusual name has been given to this new biome. Everything here is made up of garbled items.

A swarm of endermen can be found in the warped forest.

Valley of Soul Sand

The last new terrain in Minecraft is Valley of Soul Sand . A huge number of skeletons, a bluish atmosphere around and sands of souls – this is all that can be said about this valley.


With the release of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the diamond in the game has ceased to be the standard of durability, since this place is occupied by new material – nether . It can only be obtained by melting a block of ancient ruins, which can be found in hell at a height of 13 to 22 blocks .

Other minor fixes

  • in Minecraft PE the names of music discs are displayed correctly;
  • fixed problems with some enchantments;
  • fixed some issues related to Alex’s skin.


  • Can piglins attack someone other than the player?

    Yes, they consider wither skeletons to be sworn enemies and attack them immediately.
  • Is it okay to breed hoglins?

    It is possible with the help of crimson mushrooms.
  • Are piglins able to live in the ordinary world of Minecraft

    No. A few seconds after entering the normal world, they will turn into zombie pigs.