Download maps for islands for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.2.0 - 1.20.71

Download island maps for Minecraft PE and survive in the extreme conditions of small land areas!

Best Island Maps for Minecraft PE

As you know, the world in Minecraft PE is so huge that it can be considered infinite . The player can travel around the open world for a long time, find various structures. But over time, the constant movement takes away the interest in the game. It is in this case that maps to the islands are the best solution.

There are no maps for islands below MCPE 1.2.0. For these versions, you can download SkyBlock maps directly from our site.


According to the plot of the map, the player traveled on the liner to Minecraft PE. But the ship, unfortunately, suffered a disaster and crashed into the island. The player was the only survivor of this disaster. Now he needs to survive on a small island.

TIP: The ship has many valuable resources to survive.


A huge island with a lot of tall trees in Minecraft PE. After installing this map, the player will appear on the edge of the island, where there will be a map of the entire location. There are also secret places to discover in this area. It is recommended to play with friends as the area is quite large.

Pirate Island

This map also has its own plot, in which the user plays the role of a pirate in Minecraft PE. He needs to find treasures on the island, as well as survive on it.


Often, some map builders have a desire to build something on an island in Minecraft PE. But it takes quite a long time to build the island alone. This card is the perfect solution. It has a large island on which you can build anything you want.

Although the area is designed for creative, you can survive on it.

Flying Islands

Quite an interesting map with only a few islands. But each of these islands has impressive size and is a separate biome Minecraft PE. There are also chests with valuable things on the islands.


A great solution for those who have always wanted to visit a resort in Minecraft PE. There is an island on the map, where a huge hotel is located with all comfortable conditions for rest.

Tropical oasis

The last map for Minecraft PE from our selection is tropical oasis island . This huge location has custom terrain generation with custom trees. There is also a volcano, massive mountain ranges and dense jungle.

This area is perfect for survival, building or testing dinosaur mods.


  • How do I install these cards?

    You just need to click on the file with the map, after which the automatic download will start.
  • Is it possible to survive on these maps with friends?

    You can. It will even add even more interest to the game.
  • What if it says that cheats are disabled on this map?

    You just need to enable cheats in the world settings.