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Minecraft PE 1.2.3 – What’s New?

The Better Together update has become one of the most global. In this version of Minecraft Bedrock 1.2.3 new blocks, items have been added. In addition, the player, once in the jungle, can hear unusual bird sounds. This will turn out to be a parrot with an interesting color.


The developers from Mojang first of all added new world settings to Minecraft PE 1.2.3. Now you can enable bonus chest and even add trusted players. If you activate cheats, then it will be possible to change other parameters. For example, it will be possible to turn off the dynamite explosion or the spread of fire.

Another equally important innovation in MCPE 1.2.3 is training. With its help, beginners will be able to quickly get used to the game.


In Minecraft PE 1.2.3, the player, looking at the vastness of the world, may notice a rift in the ground. Coming closer, he will see a deep hole up to 30 blocks high. This location is called the canyon . Often there is both water and lava at the bottom. In rare cases, an abandoned mine can be generated along with the canyon.


As mentioned earlier, this bird lives in the jungle in Minecraft 1.2.3 and has a bright color. It is tamed with seeds. After taming, the parrot will always follow the player, and sometimes sit on the shoulder.

TIP: It is not recommended to fall from blocks, as parrot immediately will come off .

Blocks and items

The Minecraft PE 1.2.3 update boasts an abundance of new blocks and items.

Flags and glasses

Available in 16 different colors. Excellent suitable as decoration of various structures. Flags can be crafted in the workbench using wool and sticks, and colored glasses from the appropriate dye and ordinary glasses.

Book with pen

Another long-awaited innovation in Minecraft 1.2.3. With it you can make various notes . This is especially needed by the builders of maps, in which a large amount of information needs to be conveyed.

FACT: Exclusively for Bedrock Edition can fit 2 pages on one screen.


  • How can I get a book with a feather in MCPE 1.2.3?

    You can make such an item using a regular book, a pen and an ink bag.
  • How to get an ink bag in Minecraft PE 1.2.3?

    It drops from octopuses when killed.
  • What seeds are needed to tame a parrot?

    Absolutely any kind of seed will do for taming.