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Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

Another long-awaited update of the Minecraft PE sandbox has been released, in which the Mojang team has done an excellent job of fixing bugs and improving the functionality of the gameplay.

The changes affected mobs, objects and various structures of pixel reality.


The original mob Sniffer, which appeared in the virtual world of Minecraft a few updates ago, continues to delight fans of the blocky world with its capabilities.

In addition to fantastic torch flowers, it can now be used to plant pitchers in the garden. It is not a problem for him to look for rare seeds in the ground, because he has a phenomenal scent. It is worth knowing that the mob cannot be tamed. Since he lives his own independent life, but following him for his own purposes and even breeding him is not prohibited.

His eggs are hidden in suspicious sand, and Torchbloom will help him breed.

By the way, now the mob cannot dig seeds in the air.

Armor and shields

Cubic reality is replenished with unique armor made according to original templates. Which, in turn, are hidden in different parts of Minecraft PE Trails and Tales.

Crafters love to go looking for them. Because it turns into an unforgettable journey. What’s more, the result is always a unique look for Steve.

Also, the banner shield design is a favorite of everyone who regularly goes into battle for a boost in gaming experience.


Finding valuable items in Minecraft Trails & Tales are conducted around the clock. While on one side of the globe crafters are already enjoying their loot, on the other side they are just beginning to gather for exciting archeological sites.

Thanks to the developers, suspicious sand and gravel blocks no longer give errors when loading. In addition, they are displayed correctly on the map.

And if users want to go in search of mysterious structures on a bamboo boat, it is important to know that a shovel is no longer needed to craft it.


  • Where can I find Templates?

    In almost all structures.
  • What are Templates used for in Minecraft PE

    To decorate armor.
  • How to propagate a Sniffer in MCPE

    Using Torchflower.