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Download Minecraft PE 1.17.32

Version MCPE 1.17.32 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download free version of Minecraft 1.17.32 with working Xbox Live and new Render Dragon graphics engine : huge changes in the world generation system, amethyst geode, rocky peaks biome and much more!

Minecraft PE 1.17.32 Release

Developers from the Swedish studio Mojang Studios have released a new version of Minecraft 1.17.32, which became the release version. This time, users will find even more different content that will need to be studied and used to improve the gaming experience.

Among the main features of the entire update of the Cave and the Mountain, a completely new generation of the world can be noted. Now the height and depth of the world will be much greater. This will allow the team to introduce the generation of various biomes such as high mountains, deep caves, and so on into the Minecraft PE 1.17.32 gameplay.

Violet Geode

First of all, in Minecraft 1.17.32, generated structures like an amethyst geode appeared.

Now all players can try themselves as an underground treasure hunter, digging underground.

Growing crystals of amethyst can be found inside such a geode, which consists of three layers of sturdy blocks. They can be used as decorations for your home in Minecraft PE 1.17.32. It is also useful as a recipe for a telescope and tinted glass.

Rocky peaks

The new version of Minecraft PE 1.17.32 has a new biome of rocky peaks. It will allow you to get rid of an old bug, as well as improve the appearance of the cube world.

The essence of this bug was that mountains covered with snow could be generated in the middle of warm biomes.

Therefore, this territory was created in Minecraft 1.17.32 Caves and Mountains. Now everything looks as the developers intended, and at the same time, players will have new places to explore.

Render Dragon

Finally, the Swedish team decided to completely change the graphics engine. Now the developers have even more opportunities to improve the appearance of Minecraft 1.17.32.

Nevertheless, ordinary players will be able to notice the changes, because now the gameplay will become much smoother and more optimized.