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Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of the Hellish Minecraft update for Android with a working Xbox Live : magnetite, target, new mobs and much more awaits you.

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Minecraft PE Nether Update – What’s Changed?

Exactly one week has passed since the last update and the developers of the Swedish studio Mojang, as tradition, have released a new version of Minecraft


Among the new mobs in Minecraft PE, it is worth noting the brutal piglin . This is a more violent species of common piglins. Unlike ordinary ones, brutal ones are not distracted by gold. The task of these creatures is to guard the chests with valuable things in the remains of the bastion.

Interesting: Brutal piglins have the highest number of lives among all the inhabitants of the Lower World.


Recently, users have noticed two important mistakes. One of them was associated with the fact that tall plants could spontaneously break down. Also, players could not use a lava bucket for fuel. With the release of Minecraft, such errors are no longer observed.


With the Hellish update, a large number of new blocks have appeared in Minecraft PE Among them, it is worth noting target block and magnetite .


This block will not let the user get lost in the boundless world of Minecraft PE Magnetite changes the way the compass works in such a way that it begins to point to the block itself, and not to the player’s spawn point. In this way, you can mark different coordinates on the map.

If a player enters another dimension or breaks a block of magnetite, the compass attached to it will start rotating in different directions non-stop.


Map authors will especially like this block in Minecraft Target signals a redstone when hit by an arrow . This means that with the help of this block, you can make a full-fledged shooting range. You can craft a block from red dust and four blocks of hay.

Bug fixes in MCPE

As with any update, in Minecraft PE, the developers from Mojang Studios have fixed some bugs:

  • animation on the achievement screen could play backwards;
  • no hint on the translation loading screen;
  • some possible crashes during the game.


  • How are ordinary piglins distracted by gold in Minecraft PE

    If the player is wearing gold armor, the piglins will not touch him in MCPE
  • How to craft magnetite?

    From 8 carved stone bricks and an ingot of netherite.
  • How to get an ingot of netherite?

    First, you need to mine the ore of ancient ruins in Hell, smelt it and combine the resulting netherite scrap with a gold bar.