Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft PE for Android: Go on a treasure hunt in abandoned villages on a camel and create your own jungle with bamboo wood!

What is interesting in Minecraft

Everyone who was looking forward to the latest Minecraft PE update can download it right now. The Mojang team invites crafters to get acquainted with the changes and test them on their devices. Pleasant additions, convenient functionality and even more interesting things are waiting for all fans of the cubic world.


It would seem that quite recently, a unique opportunity has appeared in the worlds of users to arrange whole symphonies from the sounds of mobs, thanks to the Minecraft music blocks.

This idea has inspired a huge number of players and is incredibly popular. According to reviews, crafters continue to combine different sounds, swap mobs’ heads and are happy to use this introduction in their virtual space and share the results with friends.


Long-legged camels continue to protect the main character from evil creatures with the help of their height and speed of movement in the blocky world of Minecraft PE

Mobs easily overcome any obstacles, jump over logs and pass through water.

For more measured walks, you can take a friend for company. It is ideal to place it comfortably next to you. Since two-humped creatures now spawn not only in deserts, but also in abandoned villages, you can go in search of valuable resources left in homes.

Just do not forget that the animal needs food, water, equipment.


Bamboo blocks are very aesthetically and tastefully discharged into the houses of Minecraft players. Construction is going on at full speed on different territories of the owners of estates and creators of unique maps.

Bridges, wells, stairs and Gazebos for recreation look great from this type of wood. They help not to forget important information and they can also be made from bamboo.