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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and meet amethyst geodes, a telescope to explore a changed world, colorful candles to create a festive atmosphere and much more!

Minecraft – What’s interesting?

Developers from the Swedish team Mojang Studios have released a new version of Minecraft PE Caves and Cliffs. This time, the players decided to please with the updated mountains, in the depths of which voids with amethyst crystals can be generated.

The introduction of some items was not spared either. With their help, you can both explore the world around the player, as well as arrange a real holiday with fireworks and candles on the cake.

Interesting fact : Minecraft update is only the first part of the global update of the Caves and Mountains.

Violet Geode

The main part of the new version of Minecraft PE was the introduction of the generation of voids in the earth into the gameplay.

Keep in mind the fact that the amethyst geode consists of three layers, two of which serve as protection.

Amethyst crystals will be generated inside such air pockets. With their help, at the moment you can only create a telescope, but in the future this may be fixed.


Another important part of this Minecraft update will be the appearance of a spyglass in the gameplay.

With her help, you can inspect territories that are located at a great distance from the player.

This way, you can immediately find deposits of valuable resources or a village in Minecraft PE


With the help of this item, all Minecraft players Caves and Mountains will be able to arrange a holiday. After all, now more than 16 types of candles are available to users.

Please note that you can put 4 candles on 1 block, but only one on a cake.


  • How many layers does an amethyst geode consist of in Minecraft

    It consists of three layers, inside of which are deposits of crystals.
  • How many candles can be placed on 1 block?

    You can install 4 candles.
  • How to craft a spyglass in Minecraft PE

    This requires an amethyst shard and two copper ingots.